More and more companies are recognizing the great advantage that investing in their employee’s emotional and spiritual welfare is a direct investment in the company itself. A happier, healthier employee is proven to be more efficient, creative and dedicated. This is exactly why the U.S. military incorporates military chaplains and is exactly why companies began utilizing corporate chaplains years ago. Corporate Chaplaincy is when a company retains a nondenominational chaplain to come to the work place from time to time, to serve those who cannot make it to church regularly or even, have no church.

Some may use the chaplain as a venue to vent concerns that they may not be prepared to talk to others about in which case, confidential emotional support is offered. Only after I have been asked or ascertain an individual wants spiritual help, I offer nondenominational spiritual help. As a member of clergy and as your corporate chaplain I will serve the spiritual and emotional needs of the company’s workers, respecting their individual faith, much like a pastor would serve their congregation.
Common services include but are not limited to:
Confidential emotional or spiritual support
Confidential referrals for abuse; drug, alcohol, physical,
mental, spousal, child, and more
Confidential referrals for professional psychological help
Ceremonies: marriage, baptism, funeral
Blessings at business events
And much, more

Your company may be in need of a few, all or even more of these. Many churches will not provide these services unless you are a member. For those who find their time is already consumed and cannot attend church, a nondenominational corporate chaplain is an answer.

There are commonly 2 main ways to accomplish this.

Your company can set up a custom schedule to have the chaplain come by; once or twice a week/month where employees can schedule confidential appointments while at work.
Or, personally, I suggest the following:
Some companies will encourage the chaplain to “make the rounds” and walk through the company and just say “Hi,” and have a quick chat; spending no more than a few minutes with each person. This can be scheduled once a week or twice a month, whatever you like. This maintains familiarity (a key component to make the chaplain approachable) and provides plenty of time to set up one-on-one appointments outside of work. Doing this has many benefits: no work-hours are lost to appointments, no one stands out talking to the chaplain thus reducing self-consciousness, and also reduces if not eliminates the chance of rumors.

Most importantly this second method maintains privacy and puts the individual in a position of some control. Financially, this benefits the company as it need only pay for the chaplain to make his rounds, usually a few hours for each visit; 2-3 hours once a week or twice a month. Depending on the size of the company the hourly rate is $20 - $40 per hour.

The confidential appointments created between the chaplain and the employee, are not charged to the company or the individual; the company only pays the chaplain for the few hours they are contracted to appear at the company. Marriage services and funerals, however, are usually the responsibility of the individual. Baptism and support sessions are not charged.

Please call me to discuss contract options and conditions in more detail as contracts are customized to each company.

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