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Emergency service ministry encompasses a broad range of specialty ministry services:

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When I was ordained as a chaplain, it was primarily because I wanted to serve those who serve others. So if you are looking for a nondenominational police chaplain, fire chaplain or crisis chaplain, then I am here for you. I continue to serve as a reserve police officer as I have for several years and currently serve as department chaplain for an EMS service as well as Ambulance Driver.

I maintain certification as a crisis negotiator and have taken training in crisis chaplaincy and police chaplaincy. I offer confidential emotional or spiritual support regardless of your department, location or faith.

Although you are appreciated, more than you will ever know, (unfortunately), you truly perform a “thankless” job…that’s it.

"Thank you"; it’s a simple but powerful statement. You will probably never hear it. But then again, that’s not why you do it, is it? You will put on the uniform every day and serve because you want to. Your dedication drives you. It’s your calling, your passion, your duty. But the fact remains, you still should be thanked and feel appreciated. Under your body armor, your fire-resistant gear, your gloves, you are after all…..human.

Commonly, we see police cruisers, fire trucks and ambulances rushing to a scene and we think, “Thank God. Someone is there to help!” And I do too. But when is the last time you, as an officer, firefighter or paramedic had a stranger walk up and thank you or more importantly ask about you and your job. I’m not talking about people asking about the gun you carry or how fast you get to drive or even if they can turn on the cool lights (I love the speed and lights myself). I’m talking about someone that walked up and said, “Thank you. You’ve never helped me specifically, but I’m glad you would.” Or, “One of you helped a friend of mine. Thank you.”

Most, emergency professionals wear a badge of some sort. Like many others, I like to call my badge a shield. It symbolizes your role as a guardian and it “protects” us from all that hurts everyone else, so we can protect others. Fact is, no matter what type of shield you have on, some things still get through. No matter the training we go through or how well we are able to “filter the negatives and stress.” We must eventually accept it and address it. The filtering we do is temporary and it is intended to be, so you can face unusual stress and strain to do the job at hand. You experience things the average person doesn’t and probably never will: violence, abuse, death, constant lying, verbal abuse, sexual assault, suicide, neglect and you are required to do it with a level head every day. And too many emergency professionals take home stress and emotional strain that threatens to damage them. What can you possible do to let go of the images you see, the things you hear, the threats on your well being that you’ve survived?

There are answers and talking about them is the first step! Without telling someone about what you bottle up, it will eat you alive.

The truth is that each one of us has a different tolerance and coping mechanism, but we all have one. The tragedy we face must be addressed and processed in our mind before we can move on.

Every day there are many traumatic conditions that you face:
physical and emotional stress, anger, performance stress, doubt, fear …yes – FEAR and loneliness that all police, firefighters, paramedics inevitably feel at one time or another.

As a nondenominational chaplain that has some experience in these fields and truly cares, I will be there for you. Your needs may be many or few but at some time you will have needs and I offer a completely confidential outlet and support for you.

"Anything you say to a chaplain in confidence is strictly considered a "priviledged and private" conversation and is legally protected as private under "rites of clergy". Clergy cannot be ordered by anyone to break that confidence."
If you:
Just need an ear to vent
Need to confess your sins
Seek emotional or spiritual support or both
Need confidential references to professional resources for abuse, alcohol, addiction
Just want to talk about something that’s on your mind
or just to see what it’s all about

No matter what, I am here. I am an ordained nondenominational crisis chaplain that is sensitive to all faiths. Whether you seek spiritual support or emotional support alone, I am available. I’ve experienced some of the pain, doubt and stress myself. You are not immune to being human and no one expects you to be.
When in doubt….
TALK to your loved ones; tell them what you are feeling and why. They may not exactly understand what you’re going through but they want to be there for you. Don’t try to “protect” them from your fear or pain, it doesn’t work that way. Your family and friends are the ones who can help you now.

DO something physically healthy to spend the pent up adrenaline and stress. I know, you just got shot at and chased a guy 8 blocks or carried a 280 lady 5 flights of stairs to safety; you had your exercise, right? No, that was under stress with sheer adrenaline. Go for a walk, play catch with your kid, hike, play pool. The trick is to get out and interact with a coworker/partner and people that do not experience the same type of stress as you and just relax and socialize with good people.

SEEK the goodness in life off duty and on –it’s there, it’s just easy to get distracted. This can be incredibly hard to see when we are trained to identify and recognize threats, crisis and danger.

Hint: it’s all the distracting stuff in between the chaos. Really, it’s there. Just like training to spot the bad you may have to practice spotting the good again.

USE me or your own department chaplain as your first confidential step to reducing stress, emotional / spiritual support or seeking confidential professional guidance.

The bottom line I want to get across to you is that you’re not alone, I’m here and neither I nor your department chaplain has to report to your superior officers anything short of immediate danger to yourself or someone else.

You know you shouldn’t have to feel constant stress or pressure like this and you don’t have to. And for goodness sake it certainly does not mean you are weak if you choose to talk about anything with a chaplain! Besides, it’s strictly confidential. But you cannot take care of others until you’ve taken proper care for yourself.

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