What is a chaplain?
A chaplain is an ordained member of the clergy that typically serves in specialized settings; the most popular being hospitals, emergency services, military, etc. Although chaplains were most often in military or hospital settings, the role has spread to encompass all forms of emergency services (police, fire, EMS), hospitals, as well as companies and other organized groups, whether professional or not.

I began my service to the Lord as a chaplain in emergency service areas and have retained that title, though I also use the title of Pastor outside of emergency service settings as pastor of Gathering In Faith Ministries. Either title is used to indicate an ordained member of the clergy that serves a group. Chaplains typically serve organized service units of the military, emergency services, hospitals or an individual company. A pastor similarly serves either: a group, congregation or individuals/groups as a spiritual representative/reference.
What is your denomination?
I am an ordained, nondenominational Christian chaplain. This means that I serve all Christian faiths but I do not require you to subscribe to one particular denomination. Most folks that utilize my services, either do not belong to a particular denomination at the time or are not currently part of a congregation. I serve all, in the name of the Lord.

When not working as a chaplain, I am Pastor of Gathering In Faith Ministries.
What services do you provide?
ESC = Emotional or Spiritual Care in times of stress

I am happy to serve you with emotional or spiritual support. I understand that at times the individual’s emotions must be served first in order for their spirit to heal. Typically, I let you guide me as to when you seek spiritual help. There are many different faith or belief systems and I do not require everyone to subscribe to my personal beliefs. It is not my position to judge, only to assist.
One of the most blessed and enjoyable services I provide are weddings. Again, I am a nondenominational Christian and would be happy to help you build a completely personalized ceremony. As your wedding minister, we will work together to tailor your ceremony to reflect your heritage, such as in a Celtic service by including traditions that represent it. Also, we can incorporate many aspects of your personal faith’s wedding traditions into the ceremony as well. Please see the wedding pages to see more about creating your perfect day!
I offer nondenominational Christian baptisms at no charge to all that are interested. We can create a ceremony specifically for you or your loved one to commemorate your personal decision to follow Christ to the Lord. Whether you’ve never been baptized, were baptized very young, are getting married or have recently committed yourself to the Lord, we can create a special baptism ceremony just for you.
Whether you are looking for blessings at a reception or dinner party, company function, ground-breaking, or any other event; I would be happy to perform a blessing to commemorate your event.
My first funeral was for my uncle. I didn’t think I was prepared because I was asked the morning of the funeral to perform the service. I was touched. The faith my family put in me gave me inspiration and strength. I did my very best and when we concluded the service I was thankful that God put me in that situation. I understand, first hand, the feelings of loss, frustration and sometimes confusion we face when we face the passing of a loved one.
I am thankful I was asked to perform the service. I knew the love and compassion I could add, with God’s help. And I believe my experience has prepared me to help you at this time as well. Although, I cannot feel exactly what you feel, I understand the trust that is involved when you ask someone to perform a service for a loved one. I will work with you to make the service personal and I promise I will value the trust you have placed in me.
How far will you travel?
I will typically travel anywhere in the Midwest, including: Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Minnesota at no extra charge. That doesn’t mean I won’t travel further but the Midwest is where I most frequently serve.
Do you require pre-marital counseling or classes for weddings?
Though I highly encourage discussions about married life before the wedding, it is not required. I do not offer “classes” but I encourage open discussions that I lead. The purpose is not for me to decide if you can be married but to explore topics married couples face day to day and how best to handle: disagreements, compromises, faith, employment trouble, partnership, encouragement and much more.
Again, these discussions are not required but highly suggested and there is never a charge for them. Typically these discussions will be one or two, hour long discussions. There is no passing or failing; these discussions are designed to introduce some circumstances that all couples will eventually encounter before they happen.
I haven’t been baptized, is that a problem?
That is not a problem. I do encourage each person, regardless of age, to be baptized and commit to their individual belief but it is not required. If you are interested, I never charge a fee for baptism; this is a spiritual rite the individual chooses to undertake and is a blessed celebration. I am happy to perform the ceremony.
Where can I get confidential help or look at information myself?
Please email or call me with any problem and I will do my best to forward you confidental information to help. I encourage you to utilize all resources that are available to you in this and other sources to find the help you seek. Please keep searching and asking for help; whether spiritual or emotional, help is out there.
I don’t belong to a church or haven’t gone in a long time…
That is not a problem. Many people are regular church goers and many are not. Going to church is certainly a healthy practice and is encouraged but attendance alone is not what saves you; your faith in God is welcomed by God and His grace is what saves us. Many have not found a church that “feels right” and you must be comfortable with your minister and the mission of the church.
As I said, it is by God’s grace we are saved. There is nothing we can do that will “earn” it; no matter how hard we try, we all fall short of perfection and must turn to the Lord’s mercy and grace to save us. He wants to and He will, if we welcome Him into our lives and follow Him.
I don’t see my question here…
Then by all means, please send me or my assistant an email or give us a call. I look forward to meeting you and learning how I may be of service.

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