Traditional Or Flat Out Cool
Wedding Ceremonies
With sincere regret, I am not performing marriage ceremonies at this time. However, I am still performing baptisms, crisis counseling, funerals and other pastoral care.
It is your day and the level of formality is completely up to you, no matter what anyone says. That being said, if you choose to take your personalization of your day to a new level Ė Iím in! If you would like to include songs that are non-traditional but are meaningful to the two of you, for example the ďImperial MarchĒ from Star Wars, Iím fine with that. Or if your vision includes carrying swords or light sabers, thatís okay with me, too.

Whether you prefer a traditional chaplain collar, a classic suit, or a kilt, I would be comfortable performing your ceremony among virtually any theme. Letís have a little fun and make your wedding an outstanding memory your friends and family will cherish almost as much as you will.

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