Here is a list of ceremony location ideas:
Indoor Wedding Ceremony Sites:

- Hotels
- Convention Centers
- Public Buildings
- Movie Theatres
- Malls
- Historic Buildings
- Bed & Breakfast
- Restaurants
- Museums
- Chapels (a few allow outside clergy to perform ceremonies)

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Sites:

- State Parks
- County or City Parks
- Public Buildings
- Harbors
- Lakes
- Country Club
- Stadiums
- Family Farm
- Botanical Gardens
- Backyard
- Rivers
- On a Boat Out on the Water
- Wherever else you can Imagine!
Indoor/Outdoor Venues
No matter your size of audience from very small and intimate, to grand and spectacular, you will need to find the perfect venue. The key to perfection is to have a site that accurately exemplifies you as a couple. Whether you choose an indoor venue or one outside, here are some questions you should ask or at least consider before choosing:

What will the weather be and what if there is rain, snow, or other inclement weather?

Is there somewhere for people to go if it rains or an alternative plan for the ceremony, just in case, ie: the indoor reception hall?

Is there a plan for snow plowing or ice removal if unexpected winter weather arrives (sounds ridiculous in July, but realistic in October)

Is there ample parking, especially if you are getting married at a non-traditional venue?

How long of a walk from the car to the site, think of those who are not so sure on their feet, can someone escort them, or is there a portion of the day they should plan to miss?

Is there power for microphones, speakers, or lights? If not, are you allowed to run power?

How long is your window at the venue be sure you know so you can properly arrange all of your vendors. Rental companies traditionally drop off early on the day of the event, but rarely pick up on the same day. Can your venue hold items until the next day or even the day after (Saturday weddings are commonly picked up on Monday), if so, who will do the breaking down and hauling for storage?

Are facilities close by? It is guaranteed that people will need them. Check the facilities out for yourself, are they up to your standards for your wedding day?

Perhaps consider renting a large tent, just in case. You can likely cancel the rental up to 72 hours prior to the event if the weather calls for clear skies. Of course, you should check with the rental company for those details.
Where will the bridal party get dressed?

Will you have somewhere that is secure to keep your belongings?

Will your guests know exactly where to find you? Drive around the grounds to be sure you know all the streets/driveways so you can include reference to them on your map or directions. Just because it is obvious to you, it might not be as obvious to your guests who have never been there before. Many people do not plan enough travel time for big events, so make it easy for them once they turn off any major roads. Include detailed maps with mile makers and approximate the drive time for them.

Be sure to stop and show appreciation for those who are helping you bring your special day to life, as a matter of fact, stop right now and write a thank you note or make a phone call and let them know how you feel, I will wait here for you to finish!

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