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Thank you for stopping by. Iíd like to welcome you to my website. I am an ordained chaplain offering nondenominational Christian ministry. As a chaplain in Wisconsin, I serve as a crisis chaplain but also provide various ceremonies: weddings, baptisms, funerals and emotional/spiritual support in times of crisis. My training also earned me certification as a crisis negotiator. In addition to my training to offer support to ALL those in times of need, I have specifically sought training to support and minister to our emergency professionals: police, fire, EMS and even veterans.

At this time I regret that I am not booking future weddings at this time. If that changes...

For those looking for a nondenominational Christian wedding officiant, I provide services throughout Wisconsin, northern Illinois and northeastern Iowa. Your wedding ceremony will be personal and as your chaplain I look forward to discussing how we can customize your wedding ceremony to fit your dreams. Then we will meet to discuss, arrange and create personalized wedding vows and services to ensure your wedding day is as beautiful as you plan it. Although not required, I encourage premarital discussion and focus on friendship and love with forgiveness.

My crisis ministry was born out of the need I witnessed working with law enforcement and is focused on emergency services such as: police, fire and emergency medical services as well as the citizens they serve and protect. Currently, I am ministering in the EMS field as a chaplain.

SO, WHAT IS A CHAPLAIN? A chaplain is an ordained member of the clergy that traditionally was responsible for specific tasks in the chapel. Today chaplains have the primary role in ministering to the armed forces or emergency services. Much like your pastor at church would for their congregation; these days, a chaplain will most likely minister to a hospital, company or emergency response unit. Sometimes people seek emotional support and sometimes spiritual support. I am sensitive to each individualís beliefs and needs. Occasionally, some people just want someone to listen. I am here for you.

My calling to the Lord has led me in many directions; weddings, emergency services, crisis, grief support and spiritual guidance. Iíve even been called to offer support to those suffering crisis with their pets. All Godís creatures, big and small offer and need love and support.

Please look around the rest of this site for more information regarding the services I may offer you. If you have any questions, I hope you contact me by email or phone. No questions are too small and as an ordained chaplain, all your communication is kept in strict privacy under the rights of clergy.

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